Dog rescued from under owner’s shed in Ohio

Firefighters in Ohio came to the rescue of a shade-seeking dog who crawled under her owner’s shed and became trapped for about an hour.

Sharon Sheldon said she was at her Youngstown home Wednesday when her son told her the family’s 9-year-old shepherd mix, Arwin, was trapped under the family’s backyard shed.

“I came down and she was hollering and screaming. I don’t think I’ve ever heard those noises come from her, ever,” Sheldon told WKBN-TV.

Sheldon said she and her son attempted to dig a larger opening for Arwin, but the “soil was too rough.”

Sheldon’s husband summoned the Youngstown Fire Department to the scene, and found they had similar difficulties digging in the dirt.

The firefighters used a heavy-duty jack to lift the floor of the shed.

“What we ended up doing is cutting the floor in the shed, loosening the dirt up around its head and eventually pulling it out through the opening in the shed,” Youngstown Fire Capt. Shawn Murray said.

Arwin was given water and oxygen and appeared to be physically uninjured, her owners said.

“I’m so happy. I love her to death. She’s my baby, and as soon as she came walking out of the shed, came right up to me and gave me kisses, I knew she was gonna be OK,” she said.

Firefighters in Nanaimo, British Columbia, were faced with an underground canine rescue of their own earlier this month when a dog wandered into a drainage pipe and was in danger of drowning.

Firefighters lowered a hose into the pipe, allowing the dog, named Dobby, to grab hold with his teeth. The canine was then pulled to where firefighters could hoist him to safety.